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Eurostars-Eureka supports innovative international projects carried out by R&D SMEs. With its bottom-up approach, Eurostars supports the development of innovative, rapidly marketable products, processes and services that help improve the daily lives of people around the world. Eurostars has been carefully developed to meet the specific needs of SMEs. This is an ideal first step in international cooperation, allowing small businesses to combine and share their expertise and benefit from working across national borders.

Eurostars is a joint program between EUREKA and the European Commission, co-financed by the national budgets of 36 participating States and Eurostars partner countries and by the European Union.

The role of SMEs for the economy has never been more important. Eurostars aims to add value to the economy, higher growth and more job opportunities.


  1. A HIGH SUCESS RATE: 30% (average) EUROSTARS-EUREKA is one of the programme whith the highest success rate!
  2. MINIMUM 2 PARTNERS: from 2 member states (simplified consortium)
  3. INTERNATIONAL ACCELERATOR! collaboration with foreign partner facilitate the take-off of the export strategy..
  4. 40% OF ELLIGIBLE COST FUNDING! to facilitate and accelerate the launch of your innovations on the market
  5. A DEDICATED TEAM FOR YOU!  we collaborate with you and make all we can to save your time and efforts.
  6. A DEDICATED FUNDING TO SME: a simplified access to European grants
  7. FROM BEGUINNING TILL THE END: the average time laps of a project is 29 months and we support you all along your project, you are not alone!
  8. COMPLEMENTARY TO EIC ACCELERATOR : SMEs can apply also to the EIC Accelerator programme (up to €2,5M in grant).


  1. Strengthen production capacity and innovation efficiency by developing a strategic asset to face global competition
  2. Promote collaborations with key players in the market value chain targeted in France and internationally
  3. Accelerate international growth to develop a competitive advantage or diversify an offer in the face of news
    market expectations.
  4. Better integrate into international markets and increase its notoriety and legitimacy.
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  • Preparation and writing of the complete proposal (annexes, work packages, deliverables).
  • Proofreading and assessment for the eligibility of your proposal as a proposal evaluator would.
  • Design of explanatory diagrams to support the writing.
  • Search for partners and creation of consortia.
  • Coordination of the collaboration between partners.
  • Handling of all administrative procedures required for submission.
  • Preparation and realisation of (individual) project budgets.

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