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From project kick-off to project completion, we provide comprehensive support for your European project management.

Our experience in project management provides you with expert strategic support at every stage of the process. Our in-depth knowledge of grant compliance allows us to identify risks in advance and propose clear strategies to address them.

Our goal is to facilitate the entire project management process, including consortium management, tracking and monitoring of progress, and writing and submitting deliverables.

We also support you in controlling your budget, hours, deliverables, reports, etc.

We facilitate monthly meetings to discuss progress, issues and ongoing tasks; provide templates, drafts and upload deliverables for technical reports; ensure that all partners complete high quality tasks and milestones on time to meet their contractual obligations for funding.

Project management: we make sure that your consortium delivers its full potential. We cultivate clarity between partners, ensuring collective understanding on issues such as objectives, timely submissions, etc.

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Successful projects are based on well-functioning consortium. We cultivate clarity, honesty, respect and  rigour between partners, ensuring collective understanding of important milestones and steps, such as deliverables, contents, information, key facts and numbers.

Diversity and experience background potentially lead to conflicts with many consortia. We build therefore trust and facilitate communication and sharing to strenghten collaboration and involvement amoung partners.

We promotes easyness, availability, transparency and open mind attitude to better mitigates risk through early identification and resolution of potential issues.

Providing expertise: With over twenty years of experience managing EU-based funded projects, we are experts in a variety of international and national funding programmes and with their particular rules and regulations.

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We provide deep expertise to create, build and operate your funding strategy

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